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Flipkart Interview | Set 14 (For SDET-1)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
  • The first online round was an online test from HackerEarth. It had 3 programming questions, out of which we had to program any two. The questions were: 
    1. To reverse the words in a given string 
    2. I don’t remember this question properly but was something similar to this → Finding all the factors of a given number and finding if the oand algorithmsf the factorial and the number were same.
  • The first PI round was taken by a team member and he asked many questions regarding my final year project. He was also asking different flows and testing involved in them. 
    He asked me some SQL queries too. He also asked me a question like if you are given a sorted array of size 7 but only 4 elements in it and a sorted array of 3 elements. How would to combine the elements into the first array in such a way that array is sorted. 
    Article Link:
    Practice Link:
    One more question which i remember: How do you find if a string is a palindrome or not? 

    They rejected few candidates in the first interview. 


  • In The second PI, I was given two scenarios to write test cases(apart from UI 
    testing). One was the flipkart coupon textbox from checkout page and the other was the gmail application. He also asked me sql query to remove all duplicates from a table having multiple duplicates. 


  • The third PI round was taken by team leader. Question 
    1. Program to find the angle between the hands of a clock. Input- the time. Expected output- Angle in degrees 
      Article Link:
      Practice Link:
    2. How do you find if given two linked lists intersect or not 
    3. Explain basic concept of JOINS in sql 
    4. If in a given table, consisting of student name and grade, Output a table containing each grade and its frequency in descending order.

That’s all for now. If i can remember more questions, then I will definitely write to you. 

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