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Flipkart Interview (SDE-1 On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2018
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Round 0:

platform : HackerRank

3 questions :

1.A list of commands is given, you have to follow the commands and tell at which cell in matrix will u end up.

2. A schedule of meetings is given with some gaps in between . U have to shift only k meetings such that gap is maximized.

3. Find largest submatrix with sum <k.

Round 1:

1.tell us about urself.

2.A stream of numbers, at any point of time , return max n elements .

i used a minHeap

Then they modifies the question for a window . where i had to give them a LRU approach to delete elements out of the window.

3.Set next pointers of tree nodes.

Spent lot of time explaining the approach. They made me write the pseudo code.

I gave 2n space approach(2 queue)

then n space approach (1 queue)

(they didn’t ask me to further reduce space complexity)

Round 2:

1. Given array of characters with all characters repeating even times except for one. Find the one not repeating;

2. An infinite stream of characters is coming, at any point of time, you have to give the first non repeating character in 0(1) time.

Solution :

first i used min heap and hashmap and hash set but then we discussed and they helped me improve my solution and we settled on  2 arrays and a doubly linked list.

3.Asked me a puzzle

calculate 7/8 without using division or multiplication.

and then ceil of (7n/8) without division or multiplication.

4.then they asked me to print the tree :


1         3

4      5

print 1 4 5 3 2

print leaf, delete them and repeat kind. More like reverse of topological order

Round 3: HM Round

1.Project discussion.

2. Challenges in project.

3. Than technologies in project.

  • REST specifically.

4. Subjects i like

  • i said data structures and algorithms
  • he asked me to explain some algos i like to him

4. Databases

  •   Types
  •   NoSql databases
  •  Relational Databases
  • Then asked  me to write a sql query
    • proposed 3 solutions for efficient query processing.
    • he wanted a indexing based solution


  • Process and threads
  • how a process is executed.
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