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Flipkart Interview (For SDE II)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 May, 2019

Round 1: (Machine Coding)

Implement a Task Planner System. Sprint, story, task, epic, sub story etc. Basic functionalities like create new sprint, delete sprint. change assignee.
Change task status etc. Code should be modular and extensible.

Round 2: (DSA)

1) Given a binary tree. We need to find the maximum sum path between any node to any other node present in the tree.

2) A river is there. There are N villages in each side of the river numbered randomly from 1 to N. First side of the river has all the men and other side has white walkers and trapped wildlings.
Wildings trapped in other side need to come to first side asap. For this to happen we need to build bridges between different villages. Condition is that a bridge can be
build between two villages having the same number (1 to N). Ex. we can build bridge from village 1 on one side of the river to village 1 on other side of the river. Other condition being no two
bridges can cross each other. We need to maximize the number of bridges so that all the wildlings can travel asap to first side and be safe from
white walkers. (This is other way of asking maximum common sub sequence.)

3) Given a binary tree. Find out the sub binary tree which is a Binary Search Tree and also has maximum sum of nodes among all the other BST’s inside that tree.


Round 3: (Design)

Design Swiggy.

Major focus on data modeling and API design. High level discussion on system design and components to be used.

Round 4: (Hiring Manager)


Through discussion on my projects. Current architecture of my product. How much scalable is it.
My role in it. Behavioral questions asked. What is the most challenging project you have worked on till now. Strengths, weakness. How do u handle disagreement with manager etc.

One technical question asked : Given a book my show kind of system. You have 10k seats to be booked. You have 1k requests coming simultaneously. How do you handle the requests ?
Concurrency has to be taken care along with efficiency. We can not hold up any customer request for long.

I got the offer after 3 weeks.


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