Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 49

Telephonic Round-1

  1. A number of bad URLs are given (number could be huge-millions of them). Now user enters a URL, you need to identify whether it is bad or not in the most efficient manner.
  2. An expression consisting of some brackets was given. You have to print the bracket number when you are parsing the expression.

For eg. (a+(b*c))+(d/e)

Answer would be: 122133


Telephonic Round-2

  1. Reverse a number, string- I told him both recursive approach and other one using stack. He then asked is it possible to this using a Queue.
  2. A tree is given. Each node can have any number of children. You have to traverse the tree, then multiple variations of the questions like find parent of a given node, find the number of direct children any node is having, can’t recall clearly.


Machine Coding Round-3

Full Working code was required.

Implement a Text Line Editor which supports the following operations:

  1. insert a line at a given line number
  2. delete the specific set of lines
  3. Copy specific set of lines
  4. Paste the copied lines at given index
  5. Print the entire content


  1. Undo command
  2. Redo command

Data Structures & Problem-Solving Round-4

Hiring Manager Round-5

What were the projects done by the candidate and challenges faced and other behavioral questions.

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