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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 46 (On-Campus for SDE-1)

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Round 1: Coding Round 

There were 3 questions to be solved on hackerrank in 90 minutes. Questions were: 

  1. Given an array of length n and an integer m, find number of contiguous subarrays in the array which contain exactly m odd numbers.
  2. Given an array of long numbers, find number of distinct sum that can be made using any number of elements from the array.
  3. Given start and end time of all the cars in a given interval. Find tha maximum size of the gap where no car is traveling.

24 students were selected based on this round. Need not solve all the problems completely to get selected as hackerrank gives partial marking even if some testcases are not running in a problem. 

Round 2: Technical Round( 30 mins) 

The interviewer made it clear in the start that he is going to ask 2 questions and I have 30 minutes to solve both the questions. 

  1. Given an expression of brackets, find minimum number of brackets to be reversed to get a balanced expression of brackets.
  2. There is a river and there are n points on both side of the river numbered from 1 to n. Pairs of numbers is given as input. It is possible to construct a bridge from 1 point to another in this pair. We need to return maximum number of bridges that can be built without a bridge crossing the other bridge. Ex- (2,8) and (7,3) are crossing bridges

The interviewer asked me to tell him what I am thinking and was giving hints based on that. 17 were selected after this round. 

Round 3: Technical Round (30 mins) 

The rules were same as the previous round 

  1. Given a BST, find the number of ways in which we can insert numbers that will give same the same BST. Ex if a BST is 2 1(L) 3(R) then arrays that will give the same BST are 2 1 3 and 2 3 1.
  2. Given n activities of unit time each and each activity has a profit and a deadline. Write an algorithm to schedule the activities to maximize the profit.

Interviewer was expecting solution for both the questions and students who were solving only 1 of 2 were not selected for the next round. 9 were selected after this round 

Round 4 : Hiring Manager (45 minutes) 

This was a Hr + technical round. First he asked me about my college life, my passion etc. The we discussed my internships in detail. Late he asked my strength, weakness and what is an ideal company to you? He gave me to write a code in Java using OOP. Later asked me advantages of abstraction and interfaces. Later he asked me questions like if I give you 1 million dollar where and how will you use it? We had a deep discussion on it. 

I advise you to write beforehand answers to your introduction, weakness, strengths, why should we hire you, why this company, why this college, why this branch, justify your cgpa, why this club/society, why this internship, why this approach in your internship, challenges faced in projects, how you solved them and similar such problems to crack this round. 

7 were selected after this round and I was one of them. 


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Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2021
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