Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 24

Round 1
1) There are M chocolate packets each packet can have variable number of chocolates in each packet. There are N students (N < M). Distribute chocolate packets to student such that
    a) each student gets 1 packet
    b) suppose m1,m2,…mn are the packets which are chosen to be distributed in sorted order of number of chocolates in them (nm-n1 must be minimum)
M = 1, 3, 4, 6 (4 packets with specified number of chocolates in them)
N = 2
Ans = 3,4

2) Given unsorted array and a number K. Find 2 numbers such that sum is K.

3) Given n-ary tree. zigzag level order traversal.

4) Given daily stock rates of last year give the average stock rate price for a given day range


In-person interviews
1) Code library management system
     a) add a book
     b) issue a book
     c) return a book
     d) if a user has kept a book more than 10 days then there should be a fine of Rs. 1 per day post 10 days.

2) Design snakes and ladders game (multiplayer). extend it so that it can be hosted overs a server and played over a server

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