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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE Full time (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021

Flipkart visited our campus virtually for placements in January 2021. Students of CS and circuit branches were eligible. Recruitment process consisted of 4 rounds in total (1 coding test, 3 interviews). Recruitment procedure is as follows:

Round 1- (Online Test) – Three questions were asked in 90 minutes. Test was on HackerRank platform.

(i) Question similar to coin change problem.

(ii) Maximum level sum in a binary tree.

(iii) A state consists of n cities. All roads in city are bidirectional. We have to find the length of shortest route between two given cities, with a twist that you can eliminate the distance between any “k” connected cities (eliminate a distance means you can make distance between two connected cities as 0, you can do this “k” times).

12 students were shortlisted for interviews out of ~250 students.

Round 2- (Technical interview 1) – Two DSA questions were asked in this round in 45 min.

(i) Largest sum contiguous sub array

(ii) Maximum sum in array such that no adjacent elements are selected.

Round 3- (Technical interview 2) – Again 2 DSA questions were asked in this round in 45 min.

(i) Two arrays A and B are given and all elements in both the array are same except one. We have to find the missing element. (Later, he also asked about the case of multiple missing elements).

(ii) Celebrity problem of geeksforgeeks.

Round 4 – (Managerial Round) – Round started with basic introduction. Then he asked me about almost all the points I have written in my resume like technical team I was part of, projects, internships, etc. He asked questions in detail about the internship. Finally he asked some generic HR question like strengths, weaknesses, etc.  

Finally 5 students were selected and I was one of them. I would like to thank geeksforgeeks for helping me throughout my journey in placement preparation.

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