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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE 2

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2021

Round 1: Telephonic Round 1 

Discussion about technologies I have worked on. 
What is IoC? How it is related with dependency injection? What are the advantages of dependency injection? 

Given words from Alien dictionary, find sequence of characters. 

GFG Link: 


Given n stalls with their positions on x axis and given k people, distribute k people on stalls s.t. people are farthest apart from each other. 


Round 2: Telephonic Round 2 

Given N houses and amount to colour each house with red, green and blue colors, find minimum amount required to paint all houses such that no 2 houses have same colour. 

Create an Immutable Stack. The solution should be most space optimised. 

Example – Push 10 (create a new stack say s1 with element only 10) 

Push 20 (Create a new stack s2 with elements 10 and 20) – So now 2 stacks are there s1 and s2. 

Push 30 (Create a new stack s3 with elements 10, 20 and 30) – So now 3 stacks are there s1, s2 and s3. 

Pop 30 (Create a new stack s4 with elements 10 and 20) – So now 4 stacks are there s1, s2, s3 and s4. 

Given a numeric keypad, a value n and a starting digit on keypad, find number of numbers of length n that can be formed if you are allowed to only go to adjacent digits (up, down, left and right) from starting digit. 


Round 3: Machine Coding Round – On Site 

Design a task planner. Different types of tasks are present – bug, feature and story. And their attributes are given. Also a Sprint which is a collection of tasks. 
A person should be able to create a Sprint, add a task to Sprint, change assignee or status of task, show all tasks of a particular Sprint and show all tasks assigned to a user, etc. 


Round 4: F2F Interview – On Site 

Given N teams and each team has M members with their heights given. Now N teams have come together for a group photo. Now we have to arrange teams in rows. 
1. One row will have members from one team only. 
2. The height of a person at ith row should be greater than the height of the corresponding person at i-1th row so that all persons are visible in the photo. 
3. Either entire team will get the photo clicked or if any one member of team is not visible then that entire team will forfeit the group photo. 
We have to find the maximum no. of teams that can be clicked in a single photo. 


Given a stream of running integers, we have to find the median at each time. 

GFG Link:


Given an array of length N of integers 0-9 only, we have to find the largest number divisible by 3 that can be created from elements of that array. 


I was eliminated after the fourth round. 


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