Flat Panel Display

Flat-Panel Devices are the devices that have less volume, weight, and power consumption compared to Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). Due to the advantages of the Flat-Panel Display, use of CRT decreased. As Flat Panel Devices are light in weights that’s why they can be hang on walls and wear them on our wrist as a watch. Flat Panel Display (FPD) allow users to view data, graphics, text and images.

Types of Flat Panel Display:

  1. Emissive Display:
    The Emissive Display or Emitters are the devices that convert electrical energy into light energy.

    Examples: Plasma Panel, LED (Light Emitting Diode), Flat CRT. 
  2. Non-Emissive Display:
    Non-Emissive Display or Non-Emitters are the devices that use optical effects to convert sunlight or some other source into graphic patterns.

    Examples: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 

Advantages of Flat Panel Devices:

  • Flat Panel Devices like LCD produces high quality digital images.
  • Flat Panel monitor are stylish and have very space saving design.
  • Flat Panel Devices consumes less power and give maximum image size in minimum space.
  • Flat Panel Devices use its full color display capability.
  • Full motion video can be viewed on Flat Panel Devices without artifacts or contrast loss.
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