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Fix “SDK tools directory is missing” Error in Android Studio

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Sometimes it happens with developers that when he/she starts the “android studio” program, displayed a window of “downloading components” which says:  “Android SDK was installed to C: / Users / user / AppData / Local / android / SDK2 SDK tools directory is missing “. So to fix “SDK tools directory missing” in android studio, try the following methods 

Method 1

The Cause for this error  -SDK tools package might not be installed. 

Quick fix: Go to the Tools –> SDK manager –> SDK tools.  Deselect Hide obsolete packages option on the right bottom and further install Android SDK Tools(obsolete). A new folder named Tools is now generated in the SDK directory. (C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\tools.)



Method 2

Another reason -Prolly due to inadequate storage available than requisite(minimum 4.53 GB) at your place of download, android SDK tools package did not get installed 

Quick fix: Uninstall Android SDK (default location C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk ) and install it again. This time affirms the minimum required storage space at your place of download. After execution check, if tools folder is now added in SDK directory.



Method 3

Alternative reason- corporate proxy jamming the installer’s call to the internet, due to which android studio installer could not install SDK.

Quick fix: List the path to your corporate PAC file. For that, you need to find the URL.  So, go to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Proxies -> Automatic Proxy Configuration -> Proxy Configuration File . Now once we know the correct URL, go to Configure -> “Appearance and Behavior” -> System Settings -> HTTP Proxy. Select “Automatic proxy configuration URL:” and enter the URL.

Method 4

Just as this error pops up,  in place of clicking on ‘finish’ click ‘x’. Further, when it asks to reinitialize, Choose the recommended option. Then  click  Configure -> Project Defaults -> Project Structure and copy-paste or browse (AppData folder may be hidden) to  C: / Users / .. / AppData / Local / android / SDK. Try running the project again. Hope this helps!!!.

Last Updated : 09 May, 2021
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