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Fiserv Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)

  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020

Online Coding Round: Given time: 60 minutes 

  • 5 MCQ: MCQ’s were also of medium difficulty level and were based on OOPS and OS.
  • Platform HackerRank   
  • 2 Coding Questions: Two coding questions were of medium difficulty level, The questions were from a pool of questions so all students had different sets.

Coding questions were:

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  1. Delete odd valued nodes from a linked list.
  2. An array-based sorting problem.

Around 70 students were shortlisted for interviews(main list+ waiting list), The list was GPA sorted. I did both the problems and all MCQ’s. Hence, I was called for a technical interview.

Round 1 Technical Interview: This round lasted for 45 minutes, the interviewer was very cool and supportive, He started Saying “Tell me how is your day going?”

Quickly he jumped on my project, And he asked me to share my screen and show my project as it was a React application and I told him I have deployed it on Github(live). I deeply explained to him my project, and he asked me some counter questions on React.

Some Questions were:

  1. Why React?
  2. What is a virtual DOM?
  3. How I fetched data from API in my project and show his code in Github.
  4. React life cycles (ComponentDidMount to be precise)
  5. What is the props in react?

He asked to explain some components of the code in GitHub, I was able to do this. Then he jumped on DSA problems He gave me to two basic problems on Linked List. Then he switched to OOPS

Some questions were:

  1. Define Abstract Class?
  2. Virtual Function and Overriding Concept.

And Some basic oops questions, I was able to answer the majority of the questions. Around 25 students were called from the second round of interviews. I was one of them.

Round 2 Technical Interview+HR: Again the interviewer was very friendly and supportive, He started by “Tell me something about yourself?”. The round lasted about 40 minutes.

  1. He knew that I have been asked about the project in the previous interview. So, he directly jumped to DSA.
  2. Search an element in a sorted matrix ? I told him the binary search approach then he told me to optimize it in o(n).
  3. Explain how merge sort works? I did both the problems, then he switched to OOPS.
  4. Give a real-life example and explain the key features of OOPS.
  5. Difference between c and c++?
  6. He designed two classes and asked problems on inheritance and overloading.

He seemed satisfied and told about the technology they are currently working on. He asked me some HR questions at the end, Some of them were.

  1. As campus placements are going you have plenty of options. Why do u want to choose Fiserv? I visited their LinkedIn page and website. I told him about the ongoing projects they are working on(which was written on the website), He was really impressed by this.
  2. The biggest decision in your life?
  3. As u are from core branch, What drives u to code?
  4. Explain your approach to a problem(I said Think Twice, Code Once)

He seemed pretty satisfied and asked me whether I wanted to know something? I asked him about how I was as compared with other candidates and where should I improve, he gave me positive feedback and told me to wait for the results.          


  1. Apart from DSA Study core subjects deeply.
  2. Project code can be checked on Github, So, prepare your project deeply.
  3. Before going for interview visit company website and their LinkedIn page.

Finally, 8 students were selected, and I was one of them. Thanks a lot to GeeksforGeeksfor for this range of content to help us in our journey.

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