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Fiorano On-campus Interview for Internship + Full-time
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2018

The recruitment procedure for Fiorano consisted of four rounds in total for everyone.

Round 1: 60 multiple choice questions for 90 minutes. 3 sections of 20 questions each. Most of the
questions were asked from geeksforgeeks.
Section A: Quantitative Aptitude
Section B: Data Structures
Section C: C/Java (You can choose either C or Java)

Round 2: Face to face interview for 40 minutes.
-Why should we hire you?
-He told me that I was the topper in the first round, and he tested my knowledge about the company. He explained about the company in detail for 15 minutes.
-Why do you like Java?
-Differences between C++ and Java.
-Questions on CUDA(related to my package).
-Differences between library and framework.
-Design a Library Management System.
-Discussed Stacks, Priority Queues, Heaps, Tournament Trees.
This round was more like a discussion round.

Round 3: Face to face interview for 40 minutes.
-Difference between Python tuples and c++ vectors and Java Lists.
-Behind the scenes of running a C program.
-Questions on Exception Handling in Java.

Round 4: HR round for 15 minutes. Since I was the last candidate, all the interviewers assembled in the panel during this round. The round was very casual.
-Tell me about yourself.
-Why Fiorano?
-How good am I in playing cricket?
-How good am I at singing?
Since everyone was present, HR called me for one more round only with him.

Round 5: HR round for 10 minutes.
-My long and short-term goals.
-We discussed politics.
-About my family background.

Bottom line: The whole process evaluates a candidate in C/Java programming and Data Structures. I did the first round really well. So the next rounds were easy for me.
All the best.

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