Fiorano Interview experience

Round 1:
The first round comprised of 60 MCQ questions including 20 aptitude questions, 20 DSA and 20 C /Java questions (Choose any one section out of C or java) (Test Duration: 1.5 hour). Aptitude questions were kinda tough and dsa/c/java questions required in-depth knowledge of your concepts.Overall it was a tough paper.31/60 was the highest score. Tips: Solve all mcq questions related to c/java on geeks for geeks.

9 people were shortlisted after round 1.

Round 2 (Technical Interview Round-1):

He started with basic questions from my resume.I am from non-cs branch so he asked me why IT company and why I am suitable for the job?

Asked some basic questions like-


2) explain working of #include<stdio.h> etc..

Then he moved on to puzzles..

Some of the puzzles asked were-





Then he started asking coding questions




That is mostly all of it I can recall as of now.

Around 5 people were shortlisted after Round 2

Round 3:

Started with dsa questions




If one answers all questions in the most optimized way, they are moved to next round i.e, video interview.

The video guy asked some dsa and c questions like-

1) Approach to return neither minimum nor maximum element in an array in less than o(n) space & time complexity.

2) What is malloc and calloc?

3) Return mirror of a node in special tree where every node has three pointers left, right and parent.

4) Check if linked list is palindrome using recursion?

5) Bipartite graph.

2 guys were selected in final round.


Do maximum questions from geeksforgeeks and focus on trees, linked list, dp & graphs.

Also do puzzles and mcq section from geeks.

I am one of the selected candidates.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks team…Cheers



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