Fiorano Interview Experience

It was a pen and paper test consisting of 60 MCQ questions divided into 3 sections with choice of selecting either C or Java in the 3 rd section.
Section 1: Aptitude (20 Questions) of High Difficulty
Section 2: Data Structures (20 Questions) of Moderate difficulty
Section 3: C or Java (Medium Difficulty)
207 people attended the first round and 15 were shortlisted for the face to face interviews.

This was a technical interview. The interview began in a light mood since I was a PlayStation gamer which I had mentioned in my resume, the interview started from there where the interviewer explained that he was a part of the PC Master Race and we discussed about the critically acclaimed games. Apart from this he also noticed watching movies mentioned in my resume and hence asked me to describe about my favourite movie which was Nolan’s masterpiece “Inception” and I explained how it impacted my perception and thinking at that time. The interview began to get technical. The questions were purely based on Coding and data Structures with emphasis given to different possible approaches. He asked for my favourite data structure for which I mentioned Arrays and Tries. The questions asked were

1. Finding the next greater element in the array. I told him that I could think of 2 approaches and gave him a Brute force Approach using nested for loops and then an efficient O(N) stack based approach.
2. Reversing a linked list in groups of K for which I gave an approach using recursion and also handled all the corner and edge cases.

Out of 15 candidates, 6 were shortlisted for the next round.


This was another technical interview with all 3 interviewers in the same panel. So questions were fired by all 3 interviewers. Since they knew we were well-versed with coding they began checking our computer science fundamentals – DBMS and OS.

There were complex and real time DBMS questions with them giving me different scenarios of an instance of a database and how I would reduce redundancy and improve storage space management.
Some scenarios had Normalization turning out to be a problem where the solution was disobeying the 1NF condition to have multi-valued attributes so as to have an efficient maintenance and retrieval of data.

Then questions were asked from Data structures.

The graph problem of Rotten oranges was asked where I had to find the time taken for fresh oranges to rot in a matrix of fresh and rotten oranges given that a rotten orange would rot a nearby fresh orange. I gave a brute force approach which had a time complexity of O(kn^2) where k is the number of rotten oranges. Then I said I could improve the time complexity and gave them a BFS based Queue approach where I enqueued the rotten oranges at each instance of time and rot the adjacent oranges after keeping track of a visited matrix.

They were impressed with this solution and asked me to give the time complexity which was O(V+E). The next question was to convert a Roman Numeral to Integer Format for which I gave a solution using switch case while invalidating incorrect input.


The HR was very friendly and he asked how the interviews went. He then began describing the work and the culture at Fiorano. He went on to ask questions related to how I organized workshops and Industrial Visit and then about my family background. Finally he asked me if I had any questions for which I asked how Fiorano was able to acquire a Project for NASA.

Out of 6 people, 2 were selected for employment.

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