FinIQ Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Recently FinIQ visited our campus and this is my experience.

Round 1: It was aptitude test of 50 questions.
25 questions were based on quant, verbal ability and 25 questions were
based on general knowledge.
After the test, groups of four people were formed and asked to do a particular group activity.

Round 2: Then people who scored less than 20 marks in aptitude test were eliminated.They were very few in number.Then began the Interview round.
First interview round took around 10 minutes, in which i was asked 1 puzzle, 1 mathematical question and 1 basic database question.
Then, some of the people were eliminated and found there way in for third round.

Round 3: It was more sort of HR round. Playing basketball at state level and running youtube channel were the factors that impressed them the most.
Co-curricular activities earned a plus point for met. Then after,13 people qualified for the last round.

Round 4: We were told to write an essay and design business plan for slum rehabilitation. To get more idea about business plan, you can google.
Finally, 10 people were selected at the end of day and i was one of them.
So,i can conclude that following factors would bring the ball in your court:-
i) Good academic score.
ii) Participation in Sports and cultural activities.
Good luck, All the best.

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