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FinIQ Internship On-Campus Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2020

Recently FinIQ Consulting Pvt. Ltd. visited our K.K.Wagh Institute of Engineering campus at Nashik for the internship recruitment. I would like to share the whole recruitment experience here.

Round 1:

In round 1 there were 3 sub-rounds.

The first of them was the online test. this online test consists of 6 sections.  The time limit for the online test was 90 minutes. the interesting thing about this test was you can’t reattempt the question once attempted. So we have to answer the questions in the same order as they appeared in front of us. This online test conducted on the Reliscore platform.

The first section was about the General Knowledge questions from various fields like sports, politics, science, arts, literature, technology and many more.

The second section has 5 questions about mathematical aptitude. we have to write the answer (a number) in an appropriate field as an answer.

The third section has 5 questions of logical reasoning. the questions like the course of action, cause and effect, Statement and conclusion, statement and argument, etc.

The fourth section has 5 MCQs about Database Management Systems.

The fifth section consists of the technical questions from subjects like Computer Networks, OS, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Electronics, etc.

The Sixth and most important section was about the coding. We have given a problem statement and we have to write a code for it. Files are given in 4 languages C, C++, Java, Python, after downloading any one of the files, we just have to write the logical snippet of the code such that the program should give appropriate output for the given input. These files already have the pre-written code, without disturbing that, we have to write our code logic. after successfully running the program, we have to copy the whole code to the coding area and submit our code.

I was fortunate enough that my code got accepted in the first attempt itself.

This was all about the online test.

Now, let’s move on to the 2nd sub-round i.e. Essay Writing

A total of 170 students who appeared for the online test were divided into 2 batches. The Topic for my batch was the ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’ and for the other batch it was ‘The Rising pollution in Delhi’.

and this is where your knowledge about Current Affairs comes into the picture. We have been given 30 minutes to write the essay.

After the Essay Writing the 3rd sub-round was Making a Business Plan.

We have been given a situation that you have a budget of 100 Cr. Rupees and you have to organize a cricket tournament into that budget.

Here I want to say that, your focus should be more on info-graphics rather than simple text. I used Pie-Charts to show the inflow and outflow of the money. Try to make your business plan as detail as possible and add the minute details. the motive behind this round was how much knowledge you have in the field of finance and to which extent you can think about it.

This was all about the hectic first round.

Recess Time!

Round 2:

after combining the scores from all the 3 sub-rounds, they announced 100 students out of 170 who qualified for the 2nd round.

The second round was the Group Discussions. 100 students were divided into 10 groups of 10 each.

I was in the first group and the topic for our group was “India protests too much, do you agree or disagree?”

We have been given 1 minute to think about the topic and 9 minutes to discuss it.

after the conclusion of round 2, they selected 35 students who qualified for the final round and that is Personal Interview.

Round 3:

As usual, the interview started with “Introduce yourself”

while preparing for your introduction, give more thoughts into it. make sure your introduction has some unique sizzling elements such that the interviewer should get impressed after listening to them.

They already provide a template for the CV. mostly they ask questions on the information you filled in that CV.

As I have written communication skills and multitasking as my strength, so they gave me a situation to test these skills and also asked to share a situation that justifies those skills.

Then they asked me some technical questions like

1) What is a Dangling pointer?

2) difference in Where and having clause?

3)questions about relational and non-relational databases

Then they asked me about the projects that I have done and the technology stack that I have used.

After that, they asked about the Extra-curricular activities written in the CV and also about the committees and clubs that I am part of.

They also asked about What do you like about Rohit Sharma? (Written as favorite personality)

The Final Question they asked me was “What do you know about FinIQ?”


I satisfactorily answered all these questions and they asked me to wait outside for the results.

After an hour, they announced the results and Finally, 14 people were selected at the end of the day and I was fortunate enough to be one of them.

So, I can conclude that the following factors would bring the ball in your court:
i) Good communication skills

ii) Participation in Sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities.

iii) Good in Maths and of course,

iv) Good Coding and Technical skills.

I wish you all, Good luck and All the best!

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