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Find the sum and maximum value of the two column in excel file using Pandas

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  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2021
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In these articles, we will discuss how to read data from excel and perform some mathematical operation and store it into a new column in DataFrame. Suppose our excel file looks like this.


Then we have to compute the sum of two-column and find out the maximum value and store into a new DataFrame column.

Approach :

  • Import Pandas module.
  • Read data from Excel.
  • Create a new column for storing Sum and maximum.
  • Set the Index of each column for accessing the element.
  • Store the sum of two-columns in a new column.
  • And store Maximum number from two columns in a column.
  • Display DataFrame.

Step 1: Importing module and reading from excel.


# import module
import pandas as pd
# read from excel
# and store in a DataFrame
df = pd.read_excel('excel_work/book_sample.xlsx')

Output :

Step 2: Create a new column for storing sum and max


# creation new column
df['Total'] = None
df['Maximum'] = None

Output :

Step 3: Set an index for accessing the required column.


# Set index for each column
index_selling=df.columns.get_loc('Selling Price')
index_cost=df.columns.get_loc('Cost price')

Output : 

2 3 4 5

Step 4: Select each row and add a column and find maximum


for row in range(0, len(df)):
    df.iat[row, index_total] = df.iat[row,
                                      index_selling] + df.iat[row, index_cost]
    if df.iat[row, index_selling] > df.iat[row, index_cost]:
        df.iat[row, index_max] = df.iat[row, index_selling]
        df.iat[row, index_max] = df.iat[row, index_cost]

Output :

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