Find the speed of the stream from the speed of the man given in both upstream and downstream

A boat takes N1 hr to row a bot X1 km downstream of a river and take N2 hr to cover a distance of X2 km upstream. Find the speed of the stream.

Input: 3 15 2 5
Output: 17.5 km/hr

Input: 4 29 7 30
Output: 47 km/hr


Below is the implementation.





def rate(down, up):
    # stream rate
    rate = 0.5*(down - up)
    print(rate, " Km/hr")
# Driver Code
# Distance and time downstream
N1 = 3
X1 = 15
# Distance and time upstream
N2 = 2
X2 = 5
# Rate of downstream and upstream
Rate_downstream = X1/N1
Rate_upstream = X2/N2
rate(Rate_downstream, Rate_upstream)


1.25  Km/hr

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