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Find all the co binary numbers in the given range.

  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Find the number of co-binary palindromes existing between m and n. A co-binary palindrome is a number in which both, the decimal number and its binary conversion are a palindrome.


Input: starting number : 300, last number: 315

Output : 313

Code: Python code to find all the co binary numbers in the given range

# Python code for co-binary palindromes
def convert_into_binary(number):
    return bin(number).replace("0b","")
def reverse_it(number):
    number = str(number)
    return number[::-1]
def is_palindrome(number):
    if number == int(reverse_it(number)) :
        return True
        return False
# starting number
m = 300
# ending number
n = 1000
bin_pals = []
for i in range(m,n+1):
    if is_palindrome(i) == True and is_palindrome(

Output :

[313, 585, 717]

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