Financial Software Systems Pvt Ltd. Interview Experience

Round 1: The first round was Technical coding and Logical reasoning round, which was further divided into 2 sub rounds.

The first one had 2 coding questions, one on Linked List and another on Dynamic Programming along with MCQs on DBMS, OS, Digital Communication and other CSE topics. 3rd section consisted of logical reasoning and general aptitude questions. Most of them were easy to solve but proper time management is the key. It was a video proctored test with tab switching detection also.

**Students who cleared the first half of the first round were called for the next half of the same round.

The second one again had 4 coding problems, this time they were quite difficult and required complex analytical thinking for a concrete solution. A major problem was restricting in our code in time complexity mentioned in the question. This was accompanied by some tricky aptitude questions on permutation and combination, probability, height and distance problems, and geometry questions. Logical reasoning questions were also asked.

Both the first half and the second half were conducted on a single day and was very tedious.

Round 2: After qualifying the first round, which was nothing less than a programming marathon, we were fast-tracked directly to the HR round.

They asked simple questions about our family background, parent’s occupation, why FSS, what errors you made in the previous code and how would you propose to solve it now. Any questions from our side were also addressed.

Basically, they had an upper as well as lower cut-off, those who scored in between were shortlisted.

At last, they selected some 20 students and I was one of them 🙂

Just focus on your programming skills and hone your DSA knowledge. Practicing from GeeksforGeeks DSA questions was of great help.

Thank You.

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