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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience(Full Time On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 12 Aug, 2019

Round 1: First round was written round conducted on HirePro. It consisted of 2 coding questions and MCQs which comprised of technical(subject and output related) and English questions.

Round 2:It was the technical interview round.It was all related to the resume. They asked about my projects, some basic question about the subjects like OS and DBMS; what’s the difference in C and C++ and some basic code related to Binary trees.

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Round 3: This was the managerial day. The interviewer started by asking “How was the previous round?”.Further questions asked were:
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What do you know about Fidelity?
Would you have any problem if initially, you are not given a chance to work on new technologies?

Round 4: This was the HR round.
Tell me about yourself.
Explain any one project mentioned in your resume.
Why did you choose to learn Machine Learning?

The key is to keep calm and be confident. All the best!!

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