Fidelity Investments Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

t was ON Campus for Executive Graduate Trainee.

1: Online test

It had 2 rounds. First round had aptitude, verbal, reasoning, data interpretation and some CSE basic fundamental questions of MCQ types.
Cse questions included OS, Networking, Program outputs and data structures.
Second Round was coding. It had 2 questions with different time duration.
(a) Find area of the largest Triangle that can be formed in a rectangle and round it off to the nearest integer. [30 mins]
(b) Write a code to extract some data from two tables connected by a foreign key in PL instead of SQL [15 mins]
Around 72 people gave written and 31 of could qualify for the second Round.

2: Technical Round.
Many of the candidates had for 20-35 mins. I had a bit longer.
(a) About yourself
(b) Major Project undertaken [Final Year Research Project] : About, Why you have chosen that, How much you have proceeded, What algorithms you have applied, What tools have you use.
(c) Mini projects in your sophomore and pre-final year
(d) Internship project: About, Work Culture there, How you have tackled, What you have learned, Experience overall
(e) Asked what my Favorite subject was and asked details and my implementation skills
(f) OOPS concepts on Inheritance and virtual function
(g) Data structures: Tree(AVL) (mostly)
(i) Some general questions about investments, bitcoins, mutual funds etc.

Out of 31 ;12 could make it for HR round

3: HR round
(a) Habits and interests
(b) Why fidelity?
(c) Strengths and Weaknesses
(d) Job location preference if any

5 were recruited.

Tips: Be thorough with what you have written in CV. Be confident. Answer Whatever you Know; don’t bluff.

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