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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2017

1st Round (Written)[45 minutes]:
32 MCQ Questions including Aptitude, English, Databases, Operating Systems and Computer Networks, OOPS, DSA concepts.
– DSA: questions included choosing the right code snippet for completing a code. Topics covered here were Graph, basics of C, etc.
– Aptitude: Counting (P & C), large numerical calculations and approximations, relations deduction from given statements, etc.
– English: Reading comprehension, choosing the most suitable sentences.
– OOPS: Mostly Java related OOP concepts and basics
– DBMS, CN, OS basics.

2 CODING Questions[30 minutes, 15 minutes]:
Languages allowed: C, C++, Java.
1. Related to bit manipulation, was tedious. Be thorough with geeksforgeeks bit manipulation section.
2. Given a table (country_id, country_name, and other attributes), and another table who won a medal with (player_id, country_id, and other attributes). Print number of medals won by each country in descending order.

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No negative marking. And switching between sections was not allowed.

2nd Round (Interview)[Roughly 30 minutes]:
– Tell me about yourself
– Finding locations of special characters and vowels without using if-else, or, and, exor, == operations.
– Given a database with employee table with attributes like (emp_id, emp_name. manager_id, etc.) find an employee with a name “Akash” who is not a manager. He wanted me to ask all the relevant niches required to solve it.
– Some more problems where he asked me the data structure I would use to solve it.
– Basic problems related to graph and trees.
– OOPS related questions, math and puzzles.

3rd Round (Interview)[Roughly 30 minutes]:
– Introduce yourself
– Why Fidelity?
– Which track do you want to join? I chose software engineering.
– Why software engineering?
– What did you do during internship?
– How would you read last N lines of a file?(UNIX command)
– What is grep used for?
– Inheritance, Diamond problem.
– Questions from my side
4th Round(H R Interview)[Roughly 40 minutes]:
– Introduce yourself.
– A complete discussion on my resume: projects, achievements, etc.
– Behavioural questions.
– Where do you want to work(Bangalore, Chennai)? Why?
TIPS: Candidates were filtered out at each stage, take every round seriously. Be thorough with everything you write in your resume.

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