Fidelity Investments Interview Experience (Internship On-Campus 2019-20)

Round 1:(Online Round)

The first round comprised of 4 sections : English, Programming, Coding and Algorithms (Test Duration: 2 hour) :-

The first section consisted of grammatical and vocabulary based mcq questions.

The programming section consisted of mcq questions based on SQL and basic C output questions.

The coding section consisted of 2 questions which can be solved through straight-forward brute force approach.

The algorithms section consisted of 2 questions one based on Floyd Warshall algorithm, another based on the applications of stacks and queues.

Round 2:(Technical Interview)

This interview lasted for 45 minutes. Most of the questions were based on previous internship experience and personal projects. The interviewer also gave a puzzle and asked some basic questions on OOPs concepts.

Round 3:(HR Round)

1. Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned on your resume.

2. Considering the fact that your major is not in CS why should we select you over candidates majoring in CS?

3. Why do you want to intern with us?

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