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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience for Summer Internship (On-Campus)

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Online Coding Round: This was the first round which was divided into 4 sections:

  • English and Vocabulary: This consisted of MCQ questions based on basic grammar like prepositions, tenses, etc.
  • Programming: This consisted of MCQ questions based on technical topics like Object-Oriented Programming, Network, and Communication, Data Structure, Database Management System, SQL along with questions to find the Output of a code snippet.
  • Coding: This was the most important section consisting of 2 programming questions. The first program was very simple (implemented by using if-else logic). The second one a bit tricky (In a 2D n x n matrix print the sum of those diagonal elements whose count is greater than 3 in the entire matrix). Both the programs used a Brute-Force Approach.
  • Algorithm: In this section, you had to write an algorithm of 2 programs. The first one used a Dynamic Programming approach and the other one was based on Floyd Warshall’s algorithm.

Out of all the students who appeared only 46 qualified for the next round.

Technical Interview Round: Firstly the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he started asking some technical questions on topics like Database Management System, OOPs, SQL. He gave me a coding question to solve which was very simple (Check if the array is sorted in non-decreasing order). He then started asking questions about the projects that I had made which were mentioned in my resume. He also asked for a demo of any one of them, so I showed him an Android Application that was made by me and also the code for the same available on my GitHub account. The interview continued for around 30 minutes.

HR Round: In this round the interviewer asked me questions like 

  1. Why do I want to join Fidelity?
  2. Tell me something that is not mentioned in your resume?
  3. Why I took the computer science branch?
  4. What were my strengths and weakness?

The interview was very short around 10 minutes and finally, they selected 10 students for the Summer Internship. 

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Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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