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Fidelity Investments Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2021
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Fidelity investments visited our college to hire students for summer intern 2021. The CGPA cutoff for the 1st round was above 8. 

1st round (online): It consisted of 4 sections.  

  • First Section: Consisted of basic multiple-choice questions that checked our proficiency in the English language.
  • Second Section: It had 20 technical MCQs which consisted of questions related to OOPS, SQL, and predict the output of C++, Java code, and the time allotted was 30 mins.  The difficulty was an intermediate level
  • Third Section: We had 1 hour to solve 2 coding questions. You have the option to choose any language and I chose python. The questions were pretty easy compared to other companies coding questions.
  • Fourth Section: We were given 15 mins to write two algorithms for two given questions. We were given a real life problem and were asked to write an algorithm to solve it. Basically, it revolved around famous CS algos like Dijkstra, sliding window, backtrack..

2nd Round(30 mins): Around 40 students were shortlisted for the technical interview round including me. This round varies for everybody. Some may ask you about your projects and some may ask DSA or SQL questions. For me, I wasn’t asked about my resume though i had good projects to mention. I had 3 questions based on sorting algorithms, BST and DSA. Then he asked me to code a mathematical sum. It was quite easy. 

TIP: Be ready for anything. Some interviewers may just ask you just about your projects without asking any CS questions. Or, it can be vice versa like me. So have a good resume and be prepared to answer questions if asked.

Final round (HR): Around 20 people were shortlisted. The required skill to ace this round is communication and creativity. I had the usual HR questions like why fidelity, what are your interests etc. So have a good study about the company. Also, I had an intern experience and was asked to talk about that. 

Around 10 people were selected for the offer, and I was one of them. 

TIP:  have good knowledge of the CS concepts (DSA, SQL, OOPS, DBMS) and coding skill is no exception. Having a good resume with intern experience and good projects can boost your chances. Remember, your communication and soft skills also matter. All the best.

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