Fidelity Investments Internship Experience at MNIT, Jaipur 2018

Fidelity Investments visited MNIT, Jaipur campus for internships in 2018.

Round 1: 
First was the online test round. They were innovative in this written test. They tested not only coding skills ; there were MCQs from C,C++ and Java. There were questions on logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. English was also the part of the test.

One important point was that time for each section was bound and once you decide to jump to next section , you couldn’t come back! By the way , the test was of 2 hours duration.

Round 2: 

Next there was technical interview . You have to be thorough with the OOP concepts and basics of DSA. They asked almost every question from OOP features which one can think of from C++ and Java.

Projects in Python helped a lot. And they pay a lot of attention on your outlook and verbal & non-verbal communication skills.

Round 3: 

Next there was the HR round. A gentle lady took that round. You could freely communicate with them and ask questions besides replying. She asked general questions like hobbies, future plans etc.


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