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Fiberlink (maas360) Interview | Set 2 (Written Test Question)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2015

Write a function “runCustomerSimulation” that takes two inputs – an integer: total number of computers in a cafe and a string: a sequence of uppercase letters. Letters in the sequence occur in pairs. The first occurrence indicates the arrival of a customer; the second indicates the departure of that same customer. A customer will be serviced if there is an unoccupied computer. No letter will occur more than two times.
Customers who leave without using a computer always depart before customers who are currently using the computers. There are at most 20 computers per cafe.


For each set of input the function should output a number telling how many customers, if any walked away without using a computer. Return 0 if all the customers were able to use a computer.

runCustomerSimulation (2, “ABBAJJKZKZ”) should return 0

runCustomerSimulation (3, “GACCBDDBAGEE”) should return 1

runCustomerSimulation (3, “GACCBGDDBAEE”) should return 0
runCustomerSimulation (1, “ABCBCA”) should return 2

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