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Fetching top news using News API

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News API is a simple JSON-based REST API for searching and retrieving news articles from all over the web. Using this, one can fetch the top stories running on a news website or can search top news on a specific topic (or keyword).

News can be retrieved based on some criteria. Say the topic (keyword) to be searched is ‘Geeksforgeeks’ or might be concerned to a specific channel. All can be done, but the API key is needed to get started. 

Steps :

1. Visit to get your own API key.

2. Install requests package.

Below is the implementation of the above idea : 


# importing requests package
import requests    
def NewsFromBBC():
    # BBC news api
    # following query parameters are used
    # source, sortBy and apiKey
    query_params = {
      "source": "bbc-news",
      "sortBy": "top",
      "apiKey": "4dbc17e007ab436fb66416009dfb59a8"
    main_url = ""
    # fetching data in json format
    res = requests.get(main_url, params=query_params)
    open_bbc_page = res.json()
    # getting all articles in a string article
    article = open_bbc_page["articles"]
    # empty list which will
    # contain all trending news
    results = []
    for ar in article:
    for i in range(len(results)):
        # printing all trending news
        print(i + 1, results[i])
    #to read the news out loud for us
    from win32com.client import Dispatch
    speak = Dispatch("SAPI.Spvoice")
# Driver Code
if __name__ == '__main__':
    # function call

Output : 

1 Italy to lift coronavirus travel restrictions
2 White House 'Operation Warp Speed' to look for Covid jab
3 Two Americas in the nation's capital
4 Kobe Bryant helicopter crash post-mortem released
5 Little things people are doing while socially distanced
6 The last 'normal' photo on your phone
7 'They came to kill the mothers'
8 EU-UK Brexit trade talks in trouble
9 Trial starts to see if dogs can 'sniff out' virus
10 Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr dies aged 81

Note: Output may change based on the top articles at the time.

Approach 2:

This approach will work as a cherry on a cake because it will display the news according to the category entered by the user so as work as a filter for those who want to know the news in a particular category/section.

First of all install newsapi and pycountry in your system if it’s not there the install using the command below:

~ pip install newsapi-python
~ pip install pycountry


from newsapi import NewsApiClient
import pycountry
# you have to get your api key from and then paste it below
newsapi = NewsApiClient(api_key='Your API Key')
# now we will take name of country from user as input
input_country = input("Country: ")
input_countries = [f'{input_country.strip()}']
countries = {}
# iterate over all the countries in
# the world using pycountry module
for country in pycountry.countries:
    # and store the unique code of each country
    # in the dictionary along with it's full name
    countries[] = country.alpha_2
# now we will check that the entered country name is
# valid or invalid using the unique code
codes = [countries.get(country.title(), 'Unknown code')
         for country in input_countries]
# now we have to display all the categories from which user will
# decide and enter the name of that category
option = input("Which category are you interested in?\n1.Business\n2.Entertainment\n3.General\n4.Health\n5.Science\n6.Technology\n\nEnter here: ")
# now we will fetch the new according to the choice of the user
top_headlines = newsapi.get_top_headlines(
    # getting top headlines from all the news channels
    category=f'{option.lower()}', language='en', country=f'{codes[0].lower()}')
  # fetch the top news under that category
  Headlines = top_headlines['articles']
   # now we will display the that news with a good readability for user
   if Headlines:
        for articles in Headlines:
            b = articles['title'][::-1].index("-")
            if "news" in (articles['title'][-b+1:]).lower():
                    f"{articles['title'][-b+1:]}: {articles['title'][:-b-2]}.")
                    f"{articles['title'][-b+1:]} News: {articles['title'][:-b-2]}.")
            f"Sorry no articles found for {input_country}, Something Wrong!!!")
    option = input("Do you want to search again[Yes/No]?")
    if option.lower() == 'yes':


Country: India
Which category are you interested in?

Enter here: Technology


Gizbot News: Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes For August 16; Get Master of Minds Weapon Loot Crate.
News18: Google Pixel 5a Will Have Biggest Battery On Any Pixel Phone Ever, Launch This Month.
Hindustan Times News: PUBG Mobile: Here’s how to get the Unhinged Mortician set on PUBG Mobile, check details of RPM2 Royale Pass.
Times of India News: New iPhones, Watch, AirPods and more: What Apple may launch in September. News: Top 10 trending phones of week 32 - news.
Hindustan Times News: Study finds if 'people persons' are 'machine persons' when they interact online.
Times of India News: 2021 vs 2020: August gasps for one ‘good’ air day in Gurugram this year.
ScienceAlert News: A Simple Crystal Could Finally Give Us Large-Scale Quantum Computing, Scientists Say.
Engadget News: The Switch is the first console to sweep Japan's game sales chart in 33 years. News: Weekly poll: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, the new S Pen and the Galaxy Z Flip3 - news.
Market Research Telecast News: How to import your WhatsApp chats to WhatsApp Plus 17.00 Heymods. News: Realme will finally debut its first-gen laptop later in August 2021.
NewsBytes: Redmi 10 officially teased; color options revealed.
The Siasat Daily News: Xiaomi removes anti-lost mode from Mi Mix 4.
Zee News: Good news for Motorola Razr owners! Smartphone is finally getting Android 11 update.
EssentiallySports News: Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Predictions for the Next Big Update.
Republic World News: Motorola Edge 20 price in India Leaked: Price to range between Rs 21,499 to Rs 29,999. News: Assassinations have been temporarily removed from Halo Infinite because "people just turn them off".
EssentiallySports News: Call of Duty: Warzone- If You Can Win a Game Despite the Hackers, You Can See a Vanguard Teaser.
Techradar News: Facebook Messenger voice and video calls are getting end-to-end encryption.
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Last Updated : 26 May, 2022
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