Factset Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

Factset came to our college for full time hiring for Software Engineer post. There were 4 rounds – 1st was written (pen&paper). Emphasis was on logic rather on full working code, pseudo codes were also allowed. Questions were –

1. To find the mean of k consecutive numbers in an array of size n equal to m
2. To generate all cyclic permutations (clockwose) of a string. if input is abc output should be cab,bca.
3. To find all nodes that are bounded by boundary traversal. If input tree is

     / \
    10   3
   / \   / \
  2   0  1   6 
 /     \    /
1      8   7
 output will be 0 1 

There were two technical PI’s then. In 1st tech pi there were two interviewers. They were pretty calm and patient.
1. To check whether a string is palindrome or not. Discussed all methods and then asked to code for the same if the string is not in an array but in a linked list.
2. To find the pivot element in a rotated array in logn
3. Discussions on hash tables. Sum of two nos equal to a given k.
4. Next highest palindrome
5. Next highest no using same digits
6. Power function in logn

2nd pi was a bit challenging
1.Implement bidirectional hash map using other DS
2. Activity selection problem with a lot constraints(don’t remember properly). Finally i told him apply recursion and then backtrack in case for a conflict.

Last round was HR. In my case my HR was taken during the first round only.Finally they made an offer to 14 of us 🙂

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