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Factset Interview Experience | On-Campus

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I attended the FactSet drive at Gitam University, Visakhapatnam during August 2019. Factset interview process is a two-day process with four rounds in total. So the statistics are, from among 1500 students, 332 students were shortlisted for the written test, 44 for the first technical round, nearly 25 students for the second technical round, 11 students for the HR round and 7 got through the whole interview process, got placed.


Round 1 (Written Test):

There were 50 MCQs

25 – Quantitative aptitude (Time-distance, Pipes and cisterns, Areas, Trignometry, Percentage, Profit and loss)

25- Technical (OOPs concepts, Output for a given code snippet)

The level of questions was between easy and medium

Round 2(Technical Round 1):

Mostly concentrated on Data structures.

  1. Find the factorial of a negative number using recursion. Solution
  2. Given an array of positive numbers and a sum, find any pair of numbers which add up to give the given sum. Solution
  3. Given two merged linked list, need to find the merging point of the node. Solution
  4. Height of the binary search tree. Solution
  5. Given 2 sorted arrays and merge them to get another sorted array. Solution

All the questions are standard questions with some twist in them.


Round 3(Technical Round 2):

There were a few resumes based questions and asked to explain every project by writing down the code. So be thorough with the whole resume and never fake it. Coming to the technical questions.

  1. Given an array, find the second maximum element without sorting in O(n). Solution
  2. What are a primary key, foreign key, and a simple SQL query? Explanation
  3. Puzzle

Round 4(Interaction With Manager):

I would say it was neither HR nor MR as there was a mixture of technical questions, scenario-based, puzzles, and personal questions too. I was asked to tell what all mistakes were committed from the previous rounds and to correct them. This round got interesting during the scenario question, where I need to convince the manager to improve a part of source code which is been there for 20 years.

During the rounds, the interviewers were very friendly. After all the interviews there was celebration and gifts were given to all the selected members. I’m glad that I’m one of them.

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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2019
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