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FactSet Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2020
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First round: It was on Hackerrank. We were given 2 coding questions which were random for all. The questions that I got are as follows: 

  1. Purchasing Supplies: This question was similar to the chocolate wrapper problem. You can refer it here. 
  2. Triplets:  Given an array of n distinct integers, d=[d[0],d[1], …,d[n-1]], and an integer threshold t, how many (a,b,c) index triplets exist that satisfy both of the following conditions? 

I could solve only 1 question. After this round, 24 students across CSE, ECE, IT have been shortlisted. 

Second round: It was on Hackerrank Codepair. This is the first interview conducted by FactSet. It lasted for 1hr 50min for me. The interviewer gave 3 coding questions to solve one by one. 

  1. Function to check if a singly linked list is palindrome
  2. Count of subarrays having exactly K perfect square numbers
  3. Connect n ropes with minimum cost

I initially explained each approach and solved all three questions given. Later, he asked me some concepts regarding databases. Then, he asked about my projects. 

After this round, 10 students have been shortlisted to the next round. 

Third round: It was on Hackerrank Codepair. This was the difficult round. They increased the complexity. It lasted for 1hr 45min. I was asked 2 coding questions in this interview. 

  1. Burn the binary tree starting from the target node. Initially, I explained the approach to the interviewer and later, started coding that. But somehow couldn’t complete. As time passed, he gave another question. 
  2. There are N dominoes in a line, and we place each domino vertically upright. In the beginning, we simultaneously push some of the dominoes either to the left or to the right. After each second, each domino that is falling to the left pushes the adjacent domino on the left. Similarly, the dominoes falling to the right push their adjacent dominoes standing on the right. When a vertical domino has dominoes falling on it from both sides, it stays still due to the balance of the forces. For the purposes of this question, we will consider that a falling domino expends no additional force to a falling or already fallen domino. 

    Given a string “S” representing the initial state. S[i] = ‘L’, if the i-th domino has been pushed to the left; S[i] = ‘R’, if the i-th domino has been pushed to the right; S[i] = ‘.’, if the i-th domino has not been pushed. Return a string representing the final state. 

I wrote the code for this, but it couldn’t work for some corner cases which my interviewer pointed out.  After this round, 4 students have been shortlisted for the HR Round. 

HR round: It was on Microsoft Teams. It lasted for around 20-25 min. It was a casual talk between us. She inquired about my details and asked whether I had any questions. I asked a few questions to the interviewer. 

After this round, the results were shared with the campus. 

All 4 including me were selected for the Software Engineer role finally.

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