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  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017

Please find below my interview experience with Fab Technology Pune.

Round 1(Telephonic): It started off with general discussion about my current work and prior projects.It consisted of questions from the resume like explain xpath,indexing,xslt.
The DS question was arrange an array such that when merged it forms the largets number possible.

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Round 2(Telephonic): It began with telling about my self and why do I want to join Fab.
Then 4 DS qustions:
1. Sort an array of 0 and 1.
2. Sort an array of 0,1 and 2 .
3. Given a matrix with row and column sorted.Find a number in it.
4. Reverse a stack without additional data structure.

Round 3:(F2F):

1. Given a series of stock costs for a number of days.Find two days on which a person should buy and sell stock for maximum profit.
(The solution breaks to finding two numbers in an array with maximum difference such that the smaller number appears before the greater number) .
2. Given any pointer(it can be head or any other node) to a sorted cyclic linked list and a number .Insert the number in the list without disturbing the order.All the edge cases to be taken care of.

Round 4(F2F):
1. Find median of two sorted arrays of equal size.
2. In an array,find two numbers having sum closest to zero.
3. Given a string,display all possible subsets.
4. Difference between overloading and overriding.
5. Can constructor be overridden.
6. Difference between primary key and unique constraint.

Round 5:(HR):
History of Fab and Why do you want to join FAb.

Round 6:(with CTO):
1. Describe your life in a true Bollywood Style.
2. Mistakes you have done.
3. Things you have that you really proud of.
4. Inclination towards Fab and why do you want to join.

I was offered the job that evening 🙂

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