Eze Software Interview Experience | Set 1

Coding round: HackerRank link was sent to email ID. Challenge lasted for 45 minutes. There were some coding questions and some MCQ questions coding questions

  1. Implement the function to ceil the the number of integral point
  2. Cloning of a Object using Java

MCQ questions :

These are very basic in nature. you can answer easily if you minimum programming knowledge. Totally 50 marks question and I got 45. Hence called to F2F interview.

Reached Eze software group and security clearance for entrance took almost 15 minutes of time.

F2F 1st Round :

Asked about design patterns. I told 4 types of design pattern. Then He asked me explain about Builder design pattern. The moment I started with Restaurant example, he asked me to stop and said that he heard this example so many times so try another example. I explained registration example. Seems he was not fully OK with my example. This round went for 20 minutes.

F2F 2nd Round :

He has drawn following table on board

Employee  Designation  Manager
A         Engineer     C
B         CEO         NULL
C         Manager     E
D         Manager     F
E         Sr Manager   C
F         Sr Manager   C
G         Engineer     E

He asked me to write a programme which reads line by and make tree with the hierarchy in the organization and return head node . I tried for some time , I could not do it. Finally He asked me to go.

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