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EY-GDS Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020
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Company: Ernst and Young (EY-GDS)

Designation : Associate Consultant


Round 1 (online Test + Email Writing)

Email writing :

Question : write an application to your manager for leave because of some urgent work but you are working on project which is submitted within 2 days now convince them to deploy some other employee and grant you the permission for leave.

Duration : 20 minutes.


It was organised through AMCAT platform.

English (12 Questions in 18 minutes)

Quantitive Aptitude (12 Questions in 12 minutes)

Logical(12 Questions in 12 minutes)

Technical(20 Questions in 20 minutes)


Round 2 (Group Discussion)

Duration : 15 minutes

Topic : Is it fair to give death penalty to Rapist.

How to crack :

Before starting group Discussion they give 5 minutes to think so it is always better to jot down some points for further reference.

It is always better to start first if somehow miss the chance then be ready to counter the first one.

Be polite and confidently put your points.

Don’t argue it is not debate.

While countering it is always better to listen carefully what others are saying.


Round 3 (Interview Experience)

Duration (35 minutes)

Introduce Yourself.

(Always better to end your introduction in which domain you are good in because second question is based on it).

Which technology you have used in your minor project.

How do you connect database through java ?

write all queries of JDBC?

OOPS Concept.

Some basics questions of Data structure and algorithm like linked list, stack, queue, Graph.

Write a program of inserting and deleting elements in Queue

Some Basics of DBMS Queries.

Round 4 (HR)

Normal Introduction (Hometown, Hobbies, likes , dislikes, relocate)

you are in meeting and presenting something to your manager but your colleagues doesn’t co-operate then what will you do


Thank you!

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