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Exploratory Software Testing

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2019

Exploratory Testing is a type of software testing in which the tester is free to select any possible methodology to test the software. It is an unscripted approach for software testing. In exploratory testing, software developers use their personal learning, knowledge, skills and abilities to test the software developed by themselves.

Exploratory testing checks the functionality and operations of the software as well as it identifies the functional and technical faults in it. The aim of exploratory testing is to optimize and improve the software in every possible way. Exploratory testing technique combines the experience of testers along with a structured approach for testing. It is often performed as a black box testing technique. 4 Exploratory testing is a unscripted testing technique.

Exploratory Testing Process:
Following 4 steps are involved in the exploratory testing process:

  • Learn:
    This is the first phase of the exploratory testing in which the tester learns about the faults or issues that occur in the software. Tester uses his/her knowledge, skill and experience to observe and find what kind of problem the software is suffering from. This is the initial phase of exploratory testing. It also involves different new learning for the tester.
  • Test Case Creation:
    When the fault is identified i.e. tester come to know what kind of problem software is suffering form then tester creates test cases according to defects to test the software. Test cases are designed by keeping in mind the problems end users can face.
  • Test Case Execution:
    After creation of test cases according to end user problems, tester executed the test cases. Execution of test cases are prominent phase of any testing process. This include the computational and operational tasks performed by the software in order to get the desired output.
  • Analysis:
    After the execution of the test cases, the result is analyzed and observed whether the software is working properly or not. If the defects are found then they are fixed and above three steps are performed again. Hence this whole process goes on in a cycle and software testing is performed.

Advantages of Exploratory Testing:

  • It takes no preparation as it is an unscripted testing technique.
  • It finds critical defects very quickly.
  • In exploratory testing, testers use their knowledge, skills and experience to test the software.

Disadvantages of Exploratory Testing:

  • In exploratory testing, once testing is performed it is not reviewed.
  • Keeping track of tests performed is difficult.
  • It is not possible to repeat same test methodology.

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