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The main objective of this project is to build an efficient recommendation engine based on graph database(Neo4j). The system aims to be a one stop… Read More
Ccrypt is a command line tool for encryption and decryption of data. Ccrypt is based on the Rijndael cipher, the same cipher used in the AES… Read More
We have discussed generators in Set 1. We have also discussed three distributions in Set 2. In this post, more distributions are discussed. IV.Rate-based Distributions:… Read More
The GCD of three or more numbers equals the product of the prime factors common to all the numbers, but it can also be calculated… Read More
Consider a 2-way set associative cache with 256 blocks and uses LRU replacement, Initially the cache is empty. Conflict misses are those misses which occur… Read More
Round 1 Devise a dice using one coin Stock buy sell problem What is BFS in Tree I have two coins winning strategy Round 2… Read More
Assume every process requires 3 seconds of service time in a system with single processor. If new processes are arriving at the rate of 10… Read More
Deloitte visited IIT this placement season to hire consultants in Data Sciences Profile. Round 1 Firstly, an online test was conducted(120 minutes duration) consisting of… Read More
Open-source software is software that is freely available to use, redistribute, and modify. Open source software is already integrated into our daily lives, even more if… Read More
Geek on the top is all about success stories of Geeks who are working hard to chase their goals and are inspiration for other geeks.… Read More
1. Written Find unions of all intervals(startime, endtime) Design cricket score dashboard (which can give match result, tournament result and player stats) 2. how to… Read More
What is the number of possible words that can be made using the word “EASYQUIZ” such that the vowels always come together? (A) 120 (B)… Read More
First round was a test that had 35 questions having negative marks. The test consisted of aptitude, technical questions in dbms, os,  programming questions, and there… Read More
Morgan Stanley came for Full Time recruitment for Software Associate in our campus. Round 1 Online test on HackerRank contains 19 MCQ (DS, OS, DBMS,… Read More
Given number of digits n, print all n-digit numbers whose absolute difference between sum of digits at even and odd positions is 1. Solution should… Read More
Directi came to my college for Operations Engineer (DevOps ) profile. There was a presentation and PPT(pre-placement talk) through which we got a chance to… Read More
Set 1 (Random Numbers, Arrays and Matrices) Generating Random Characters // A C++ Program to generate test cases for // random characters #include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace… Read More
In Linux Virtualization – Chroot Jail article, we discussed about kernel namespaces and process jailing. To understand this article, you may not need to read… Read More
The last day of a century cannot be: (A) Thursday (B) Monday (C) Wednesday (D) Sunday Answer: (A) Explanation: Quiz of this QuestionPlease comment below… Read More