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Problem – Assembly level program in 8085 which converts a binary number into ASCII number. Example – Assumptions – Binary number which have to convert… Read More
Problem – Write a program in 8086 microprocessor to find out the largest among 8-bit n numbers, where size “n” is stored at memory address… Read More
Message dialogs provide information to the user. Message dialogs are created with the JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() method. We call the static showMessageDialog() method of the JOptionPane class… Read More
Below is the example of Date toString() method. Example: <script>    // Here a date has been assigned    // while creating Date object    var dateobj = … Read More
Download links for previous years ISRO original Papers and official Keys: Original Paper Official Keys ISRO 2018 ISRO 2018 Key ISRO 2017 Dec ISRO 2017… Read More
Redundant links are used to provide back up path when one link goes down but Redundant link can sometime cause switching loops. The main purpose… Read More
The fabs() function returns the absolute value of the argument. Mathematically |a|. If a is value given in the argument. Syntax: double fabs(double a); float… Read More
What is the probability that a randomly selected bit string of length 10 is a palindrome? (A) 1/64 (B) 1/32 (C) 1/8 (D) 1/4 Answer:… Read More
oct() function is one of the built-in methods in Python3. The oct() method takes an integer and returns it’s octal representation in a string format.… Read More
In QuickSort, ideal situation is when median is always chosen as pivot as this results in minimum time. In this article, Merge Sort Tree is… Read More
If one uses straight two-way merge sort algorithm to sort the following elements in ascending order: 20, 47, 15, 8, 9, 4, 40, 30, 12,… Read More
Functions are one of the building blocks of any programming language and JavaScript has taken the Functions to a whole new level. Functions are said… Read More
sar : System Activity Report  It can be used to monitor Linux system’s resources like CPU usage, Memory utilization, I/O devices consumption, Network monitoring, Disk… Read More
In Javascript(ES6), there are four ways to test equality which are listed below: Using ‘==’ operator Using ‘===’ operator SameValueZero: used mainly in sets, maps… Read More
Introduction to Stream, Java Intstream, Java Longstream, Java Doublestream anyMatch() noneMatch() mapToLong() findAny() forEachOrdered() forEach() allMatch() filter() findFirst() flatMapToInt() mapToInt() map() peek() counting() Iterator() Generate()… Read More
Reason: To Ensure Backward Compatibility What is Backward Compatibility? Backward compatibility is a term used to describe software or hardware that is compatible with previous… Read More
The levenshtein() function is an inbuilt function in PHP. The levenshtein() function is used to calculate the levenshtein distance between two strings. The Levenshtein distance… Read More
In our previous post on fibonacci series, we have seen many approaches to generate fibonacci numbers. In this approach, we shall be generating fibonacci numbers… Read More
Given a number num containing n digits. The problem is to find the next greater number using the same set of digits in num on… Read More
A lexical analyzer uses the following patterns to recognize three tokens T1, T2, and T3 over the alphabet {a,b,c}. T1: a?(b∣c)*a T2: b?(a∣c)*b T3: c?(b∣a)*c… Read More