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The numpy.delete() function returns a new array with the deletion of sub-arrays along with the mentioned axis.  Syntax: numpy.delete(array, object, axis = None) Parameters : … Read More
Given a non-negative number n and two values l and r. The problem is to check whether all the bits are set or not in… Read More
In computer security, a sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs, usually in order to minimize system failures or software vulnerabilities from spreading.… Read More
Often it’s necessary to trace memory usage of the system in order to determine the program that consumes all CPU resources or the program that… Read More
Round 1 (telephonic) Design a system wherein users are sharing images. You need to track the top trending images Design an event system wherein… Read More
Social-Cop – A mobile based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Problem: More people die on Indian roads every day… Read More
Pushback is used on an input stream to allow a byte to be read and then returned (i.e, “pushed back”) to the stream. The PushbackInputStream… Read More
Binary function object class whose call returns the result of subtracting its second argument from its first argument (as returned by the binary operator -).… Read More
Prerequisite: std::search std::search_n is an STL algorithm defined inside the header file , which is used to search whether a given element satisfies a predicate… Read More
std::generate is an STL algorithm, which is used to generate numbers based upon a generator function, and then, it assigns those values to the elements… Read More
std::generate, as the name suggests is an STL algorithm, which is used to generate numbers based upon a generator function, and then, it assigns those… Read More
Pre-requisites : Fork System Call Fork bomb Bash fork bomb : :(){:&:&};: Working in Unix : In Unix-like operating systems, fork bombs are generally written… Read More
If you have ever tried to create a program for solving Sudoku, you might have come across the Exact Cover problem. In this article, we… Read More
When a person visits a place, the first thing he checks is that if there is an open Wi-Fi connection available so that he could… Read More
Given a positive number n (n > 1), round-off this number to a given no. of significant digits, d. Examples: Input : n = 139.59… Read More
Searches the range [first, last) for the first occurrence of two consecutive elements that match, and returns an iterator to the first of these two… Read More
Given a function f(x) on floating number x and three initial distinct guesses for root of the function, find the root of function. Here, f(x)… Read More
Can we use keywords in place of operators in C++ ? Yes, certainly, we can. The ANSI C++ Standard has proposed keywords for several C++… Read More
RAPTOR(Rapid Algorithmic Prototyping Tool for Ordered Reasoning) is a free graphical authoring tool created by Martin C. Carlisle, Terry Wilson, Jeff Humphries and Jason Moore,… Read More
We are given 2*N – 1 integers. We need to check whether it is possible to construct a Range Minimum Query segment tree for an… Read More