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Experience with TCS-ION (Career Edge – Knockdown the Lock-down) program

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An course on developing your skills of interview by TCS-ION 

My experience regarding this course was very good so i would like to share it with my geek friends.  
A lot of new things i have learned during the period of course  

This course is totally free for now so many of you can get benefits of it for free 

This course covers following topics and those are must for getting a job:- 

  • DAY 1: Communicate to Impress
  • DAY 2: Deliver Presentations with Impact
  • DAY 3: Develop Soft Skills for the Workplace
  • DAY 4: Gain Guidance from Career Gurus
  • DAY 5: Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter
  • DAY 6: Stay Ahead in Group Discussions
  • DAY 7: Ace Corporate Interviews
  • DAY 8: Learn Corporate Etiquette
  • DAY 9: Write Effective Emails
  • DAY 10: Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette
  • DAY 11: Understand Accounting Fundamentals
  • DAY 12: Gain Foundational Skills in IT
  • DAY 13: Understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Part 1
  • DAY 14: Understand Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Part 2
  • DAY 15: Assessment

Here is the link for this program , where you can simply make an id and Subscribe for this program:- 

link :- “” —- TCS ION — Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown 

This course also include a free certification after you complete the whole course and give the final assessment test. 

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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