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Expedia Online Test for SDE-2

Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2020
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There were three questions that were asked in the Hackerrank test.

1. Device Name System Suggested Problem Name: 

Create unique device names to be used in a residential loT (Internet of Things) system. If a device name already exists in the system, an integer number is added at the end of the name to make it unique. The integer added starts with 1 and is incremented by 1 for each new request of an existing device name. Given a list of device name requests, process all requests and return an array of the corresponding unique device names. 

-> I solved it using a map<string, int> which stores the count of each unique string and would append it to the name.

2. Write a Comparator class with 3 overloaded function:

a. boolean compare(int a, int b). Return true if same else return false.

b. boolean compare(string a, string b). Return true if same else return false.

c. boolean compare(vector<int> a, vector<int> b), Return true if following is met:

  • – Both array have same length
  • – Elements are same at every index

3. Maximum Sum Sebsequence:

We have an array of n elements (1 <= n <= 60) We have to determine whats the maximum sum subsequence possible that is less than or equal to a value k (1 <= k <= 10^18). At most 15 of the elements in array, either a[i] >= 2*a[j] or a[j] >= 2*a[i] where j is not equal to i (1 <= a[i] <= 10^17)

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