Expedia Interview | Set 4 (On-Campus)

My Expedia Experience:-

Online Test:-
MCQs on almost all topics (DS, Algo, C, C++, OS, DBMS, Quant, Verbal)
2 coding problems:-
1. Rat in a maze(Basic Recursion Problem).
2. Given a undirected graph check whether it is a tree or not(Easy BFS problem).

F2F Technical Interview Round 1(40 Mins):
-Very Long and depth discussion on Projects.
-Discussion about some google products implementation :(.
-Given Inorder and Preoder Traversal of a binary tree, Construct the Binary Tree.(Complete code with all boundary Conditions needed).

F2F Technical Interview Round 2(40 mins):
-Discussion on projects(Asked to dry run the algo used)
-Process and Threads ?
-Semaphores Implementation + Some Basic OS Questions(Critical Sections etc)
-Solve Reader Writer Problem with Semaphores(Code was needed :P)
-Given a tree, print rightmost nodes.(I said, it can be done using Level Order Traversal and printing the Last node at each Level,
then he asked to write the code for it).
-Implement Queue With 2 stacks
-Some More Questions on another projects.

F2f HR(60 mins) :
-Many Questions on different practical situations, and asked for my reaction to them.
-Find top 3 records from an employee table.

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