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Expedia Interview | Set 3 (On Campus Full Term)

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Lately, I had an on campus interview with Expedia. Here are the details of the company’s written and interview process.

Round 1 (Written, Computer Center)
Part 1 : Very easy questions
1. 25 C/C++ Q. mainly (35 min)
2. 16 Aptitude Q. (16 min)
3. 14 Logical Reasoning Q. (14 min)
4. 18 English Language Q. incl. 2 comprehensions (16 min)

Part 2 : 2 coding questions (There were lots of different questions. Everyone was given 2
random questions out of them)
1. Count LRU cache misses where page nos. referenced are given in array
2. Insert an element in sorted circular linked list

Round 2 (Technical Interview)
1. Print right view of a binary tree
2. Given an integer array A[]. Find max(j i) such that A[i] > A[j] and i < j Round 3 (Technical Interview)
1. Given Rand5() which generates random numbers from 1 to 5. Implement Rand7() (a function
that gives random numbers from 1 to 7) using Rand5()
2. A continuous stream of binary numbers is coming (0s and 1s). At any time print the max
length of the window in which number of 0s and 1s are equal
3. Find lowest common ancestor of 2 given nodes in a binary tree
Round 4 (HR Interview)
1. Some basic HR questions based on resume
2. Why did you choose engineering?
3. Why C++ was named so and not C+++ or C+?
4. Some general awareness questions like India’s population, conversion b/w crore, lakh,
million, billion etc.
5. How would you feel like if I tell you that there’s no growth for first 3 years at Expedia?
6. How would you feel when you will be given code maintenance work instead of code
7. Why did you do your project alone? Do you not trust your friends?

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Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2014
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