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Expedia Interview | Set 2

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Written 50 questions all mcq: 
1. questions on sql. 
2. lot of threading and java exceptions 
3. questions on sorting, complexity and comparison with other sorting techniques 
4. Error output questions 
5. DS questions 
6. Increment and decrement operator questions 

first face to face(SDE) 
1. reverse a string, complexity, complete code. 
2. complete structure of hashmap, very detail description, along with the basic coding of the hashmap internal implementation. 
3. code for how to create deadlock 
4. code for singleton class, with all boundary conditions like double check condition 
5. detail discussion on synchronized keyword, both in the cases of class static functions and instance functions 

second face to face(SDE) 
1. introduction, ask about my interests and current projects 
2. wrote me a basic code of two numbers performing some operation(modulus, or factor or comparison), cant remember exactly but was very basic operation, he then ask me to improve that code as such as possible with all possible boundary checks and then asked me to explain all the points. 
3. Asked me to write a program , where i have a grid with many cells, how many paths are possible from one point to other desired points. 
4. then we had a long discussion of how expedia works and what type of projects and opportunities are there. 

Third face to face(senior dev) 
1. Introduction 
2. detail discussion on my projects 
3. 2 Questions on arrays and strings, medium level difficulty 
4. Difference between c++ and java and my preference 
5. Very Detail discussions on JVM, memory management and garbage collector 

Manager Round(Director and Manager) 
1. Define work, work pressure 
2. Situational questions, pretty difficult 
3. Reason for leaving current company, and what will be my action if the same things repeats in Expedia 
4. Keeps on increasing the stress by continuously pressurizing on reasons for which I am willing to leave the company 
5. Being calm and remain open minded, is the key to handle the situation 
6. They actually want to measure the reaction at panic scenarios. 

Finally, got the good news from HR, got selected. 

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Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2022
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