Expedia Interview Experience | Set 7 (4.5 Years Experienced for SDE1)

There were 6 rounds in total after which I was shortlisted for the position. General questions like ‘why Expedia?, describe yourself & your experience? reason for switch? Questions for me?’ were asked by almost everyone in all the rounds.

Following were the technical questions asked:

Round-1 (1 hr)

  1. Current project & responsibilities? Challenges?
  2. Difference between wait() & sleep()
  3. Describe certain OOPS principles
  4. Best Code Review practices
  5. TDD? steps?
  6. Why is String class immutable?
  7. difference between array & arrayList
  8. difference bw iterator & listIterator
  9. Types of exception? what happens to the exception object once the exception is caught & handled? when is it garbage collected?
  10. what is AWS?
  11. Design a vending machine – test cases & design pattern.
Round – 2 (1 hr)
  1. why do you want to switch?
  2. Decorator pattern (design & code)
  3. how will you implement a batch-job without a framework? how are they scheduled? Timer object?
  4. diff bw EJB2 & 3
  5. diff bw SOAP & REST web services
  6. write code to Implement a singleton in multi-threaded env. explain.
Round -3 (1 hr)
  1. OOPS best practices?
  2. JVM memory management, heap, stack & garbage collection.
  3. TDD? steps? types of test cases?
  4. Test cases for the design of vending machine?
  5. why do I hire you?
Round -4 (40 mins)
  1. write a code for printing numbers from 0-10 & change the sysout to print 10-0
  2. write a code for finding if two rectangles are intersecting, given set of their two opposite vertices
  3. write some test cases for a method that finds area of a triangle
  4. what is singleton? application of Singleton in your project
Round -5 (1hr 45mins)
  1. Current role & responsibilities? Technologies used? front-end or backend?
  2. Singleton? write the code, ensure that it works in multi-threaded env n safe from reflection as well
  3. how will you make a class final?
  4. what is immutability? give an example of immutable class in java? why is String immutable?
  5. What is a web-service? SOAP vs REST? benefits of REST?
  6. Diff bw ’String str = new String(“abc”)’ & ’String str = “abc”’
  7. in what ways can the state of a user be saved? pros & cons of all methods. what are cookies? how are they implemented?
  8. where will u close/release the resources? what if u get an exception in finally block?
  9. Describe and implement any design pattern apart from singleton
  10. how will u identify a deadlock? implement ways to prevent & resolve.
  11. write SQL queries (using foreign keys, having, group by clauses, nested queries)
  12. have u done code reviews? what do u look for in the code while doing so?
  13. challenges faced while using Hibernate? performance?
  14. how will you implement advanced search using Hibernate?use of Criteria & Pagination APIs?
Round -6 (30 mins)
  1. what is a var in javascript? types & scope?
  2. what is angular js?
  3. difference between ‘var x=3;’ & ‘x=3;’?
  4. what is AB testing?
  5. given: a baseURL & a map containing queryStrings – write a code to return a complete URL string. how will u handle special characters in it.
  6. how will you make sure that the code remains maintainable.
  7. what is an enum? diff between enum & constant? uses of enum?
  8. TDD? which mocking framework have u used?


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