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Expedia Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

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Hello everyone! Expedia came to our campus for full time hiring of final year students. They had shortlisted candidates for the interviews by taking an online test comprised of four sections (Quantitative, C, Logical and English). Every section had a timer attached to it, so you need to think and answer quickly. Although, the questions were easy but cutoff was quite high.

This round was followed by a coding round, comprised of two questions:

1. Apply MFU (Most Frequently Used) pages technique and count number of leaks (Given frame size and order of frames).
2. Insertion in a sorted circular linked list.

We were given only 1 hr to code these questions. After that 35 students were shortlisted for face to face interviews

First Round (F/F)-50 minutes
The man who was taking my first round was my alumni. He started-off by asking my introduction and then asked me to code the following questions.
1. Detect loop in a linked list and return the node at which the looping is done. This was quite easy for me as I already knew the solution, but still consumed 15 minutes to answer him. You don’t have to answer the stuffs quickly, rather you need to develop some test cases and have some discussion regarding the structure of the problem, and then answer. I started off with the augmented solution, then tried to break the problem into Y-node detection and later answered him the actual solution. He was happy that I knew the name of the algorithm which I was applying (Floyd’s Cycle Detection).

2. You have an array of integers of size N. You have to find the sum closest to zero for any pair in that array. The array is unsorted.

He then navigated on to my Codechef profile and asked a question that I did in the June14 Long Contest. I explained him and he was satisfied (You should be prepared to answer each and everything mentioned or referenced in your resume).

Second Round (F/F)-1hr and 15 minutes
The interviewer asked me my introduction and about the problems that were asked in the previous rounds. He then asked me about my projects. The discussion lasted for 1 hr along with the paper and pen coding for different algorithms and data structures like Heap, B and B+ tree,
red-black tree, map and hash-map and finally he wanted me to code the function for LCA in a binary tree.

HR Round (F/F)-1 hr
When I entered the room, there were two people sitting inside the room. One of which asked my introduction. The other then intervened and asked me to name any five Operating Systems. After that, they both started questioning about the different scenarios and in between they asked me many traditional questions like why should we hire you?, strengths and weaknesses ,why Expedia?, your priorities etc. This all continued for about 1hr and asked me to wait for the result.
Result came after 2 hrs, my name was not there.

Note: The whole process is quite lengthy and one needs to have a sound sleep before interview. Moreover, you need to be more than technical in order to crack Expedia.

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Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2014
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