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Expedia Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus)

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Expedia Interview Experience | On – Campus 

Expedia visited Our College 20 Aug Full timers And interns. The Process Consisted Of 4 Rounds. 

Round 1 (Written Round) (20-Aug) | 1hr 15 min | 3 Ques 

  • First ques was “Anagram Difference”. There were 2 strings given we have to find out the maximum number of modification we can do to make the 2 strings anagram of each other. for eg a = “abb” b = “bcb” so the ans in this case is 1 i.e replace a with c or c with a. In case when both strings were of unequal size return -1.
  • Second ques was easy recursive problem. you are given 2 points A(x1,y1) and B(x2,y2) we have to reach from point A to B, but we can move in 2 ways either from A(x1,y1) to (x1,x1+y1) or (x1+y1,y1). we had to return “Yes” or “No” whether it is possible to reach from A to B or not.
  • Last ques was simple array adhoc problem, which was solved by sorting the elements

Overall, The questions were easy and they shortlisted 29 people for the further rounds which were held a day after. 
Round 2 | (Technical) | 1hr 10min 

  • This round was technical round and the interview started with formal introduction and general questions. 
    After that We had a discussion on Lru Cache. It was a very good discussion on how to implement it and the data structures to use, time complexity etc. He then asked me to write proper code for it with all corner cases properly commented and asked to dry run for few test cases as well. Then he asked me detailed implementation of Hashmaps (unordered and ordered) and i was asked to write unordered_map implementation with proper cases and functions. Then it was followed by another discussion on Double Ended Linked list, implementation of various function definitions, he asked me to implement by making a class of Double ended Linked List . 
    This round tested the Knowledge about various STL , their implementation and time complexities. 
    Tip: Write neat and proper comments in order to increase the readability as interviewer wanted production ready code.
  • He asked the approach for this problem and asked to write a pseudo code only and discussed various test cases. 
    Find the first circular tour that visits all petrol pumps

Round 3 | (Technical) | 40 min 
This Round was DS and Algo round and it started with formal introduction, followed by 2 problems. We first discussed the approach the time complexity and proper code covering all cases. 

  • Boundary Traversal of Binary Tree He then asked me 2 slight variant of this problem 
    1. We had to start from leftest node and then traverse in clockwise manner.
    2. Start From rightmost node and traverse in anticlockwise. Al corner cases to be handled.
  • Second Problem was something like This:- “Find Max difference between the sum of two non Overlapping Subarrays in a given Array of integers having positive negative elements “. 
    for eg:- 
    arr[] = 4, 7, -2, 1, 0, -8, 6 
    ans is {4,7} has sum = 11 
    {-8} has -8 
    difference between them 11 – (-8) = 19 

Round 4 | (HR ) | 45 min 
This was the Final Interview and it started with formal introduction and general hr ques. Then We discussed about the projects and the things written in my resume. The interviewer was very frank and this round was very interactive. He asked me about my college, my future plans, teachers, various subjects, why expedia and questions like that. 
I was given a coding problem as well. Maximum profit by buying and selling a share at most k times 
He then asked me if i had any questions and the interview was over. 

Final Verdict: SELECTED! 

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Last Updated : 25 May, 2021
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