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Expedia Interview Experience for SDE (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 28 May, 2021

It was an off-campus opportunity.
Round 1(Online assessment on Hackerrank-90mins) There were two sections comprising MCQs(related to java and dsa) and 2 coding questions.  

Coding Questions:

  1. Length Encoding   (
  2. 2nd question I don’t remember, but it was related to tree.

Round 2: F2F interview (1 hour 30 mins) Interviewer went through my resume and after that, he gave me 2 ques 

  1. Diagonal view of binary tree(
  2. Longest increasing subsequence After I saw the question I quickly explained to him the approach, and he asked me whether I have done this question before. (

After my 2nd round I got call for 3rd round within 15 mins. 

Round 3(F2F interview -1 hr 30 mins): With a small introduction, interviewer gave me 1st question 

  1. Rain water trapping problem First I told her my O(n*n) approach which she told to improve, then with the help of O(n) space I reduced the time complexity to O(n). But she asked to do it in constant space. Then after detailed discussion I told her the 2 pointer approach. Then she asked me to write the code for that.(
  2. Height of a binary tree As I have done this question before so I quickly told her the approach(
  3. Zig zag traversal of binary tree (    ) 
  4. Some oops-related questions and implementation.

After my 3rd round I got call for HR after 2 hours

Round 4(HR Round -30mins): She introduced herself and after introducing

  1. She asked some questions related to my projects, challenges I faced and how did I overcome those?
  2. Tech stack I used and difference between MongoDb and Mysql, which is better?
  3.  Difference between csv and json and why both exist?
  4. Where do you see yourself in next couple of years?
  5. Why expedia? What change you can bring to company? Are you willing to relocate?

Verdict: Selected

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