Expedia Interview Experience for ASDE Summer Internship

Round 1-Coding Round:

The coding round comprised of two questions:

  1. Implement search in a BST – https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/binary-search-tree-set-1-search-and-insertion.
  2. Given a list of Names, find the Name with maximum number of votes, or maximum number of occurrences. If more than one name has maximum occurrences, output the lexographically largest name.

It also contained 10 MCQ questions based on Technical + Aptitude mixed.

Round 2- Interview:

It was a video call interview on bluejeans.

First the interviewer asked to introduce, which was followed by a brief discussion on projects.

The gave a question to code. The question was to find K largest elements (all K elements, and not just Kth element) and print them in a stream of integers. My approach was similar to – https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/kth-largest-element-in-a-stream/. He asked me to use Max-Heap instead of Min-Heap. After the interview, i realized that instead of adding Ai to the min-heap, i could have -Ai to max-heap, and solved the problem easily. I was asked to code this.

Then, he asked a puzzle:

Given 2 jars of 9 liters and 13 liters capacity. Find whether 6 liters can be measured by these two or not. You have infinite volume of water available. I was asked the solution along with the logic behind it.


Fill 9 liter jar, empty it into 13 liter jar. Keep repeating this. Empty 13 liter jar, once it is filled. After 4-5 iterations, we get the answer.

Basic logic was (9*x)%13 = y where x varies from 1 to 12. All y’s obtained can be prepared by this, can be obtained in jug 2.

Round 3- Interview:

It was a video call interview on bluejeans.

First the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. I was asked why i want to leave my on-campus internship offer for Expedia.

Then i was asked about hashing, collisions possible, techniques of hashing. This was followed by some discussion on OS involving threading, difference between threads and processes, CPU Scheduling, Context Switching.

Then i was asked to write a code to find largest subarray with sum <= given value K. I gave a O(N^2) approach and later optimized it to O(N).

Round 4- Interview:

It was a video call interview on bluejeans with the Senior Director of the company.

The interview started with detailed discussion of my projects and there practical applications. Then i was asked about my coding achievements and how i am able to manage coding and studies. Then i was asked about my favorite data structure, and i replied Hashing. I was asked the practical use of Hashing in databases, and in Google Recommendation System. Then i was asked about client server interaction. The interview ended with discussion of why i am interested in Expedia.

Final Verdict: SELECTED!!

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