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Expedia Group Interview Experience for SDE Internship (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2020
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I directly applied on Expedia Careers Page for the position and within a week or, so I got shortlisted and received the link for the online coding test.

Round 1 (Coding and Aptitude):

  1. Platform: HackerRank
  2. Duration: 90 Minutes

The test had a total of 8 questions. 

6 were MCQs and 2 Coding questions. The MCQs were related to Data Structures (Queue), Algorithms, Java (Exception Handling), C++ (Output Tracing), and one trivial question on C# (output tracing).

The coding questions were:

  1. Minimum number of distinct elements after removing m items.
  2. Count the number of ways to divide N in k groups incrementally.

After a day or two, I received an email stating that I was eligible for the interviews. Round 2 and 3 were conducted at an interval of 15 minutes. You have to appear for both. It’s not that Round 2 will qualify you for Round 3. The link was the same for both.

Round 2 (Data Structures):

  1. Platform: Hirevue
  2. Duration: 45 Minutes

We started with a technical intro. The interviewer was very calm. It always seemed as we were solving the problem together.

  1. Print all pairs with given sum
  2. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit

Above were the questions asked of me.

In the end, he asked me if I had any questions for him to which I asked, what sort of project can I expect once I join Expedia Group as an intern?

Round 3 (Algorithms):

  1. Platform: Hirevue
  2. Duration: 45 Minutes

We had a discussion about building a traveling application. It will store the locations registered with the organization and show the relevant information to the user. This actually checked whether you are capable of applying the OOP concepts in a real-world scenario or not. The application was also supposed to implement some algorithms. Few algorithms that we implemented were:-

  1. Given the cost, a client is willing to spend on trips to various activities of leisure near his hotel/resort. The algorithm should suggest a list of activities, preferring the most expensive ones and also maximizing the number of activities.
  2. Given a distance, a client is willing to commute for a day, suggest a maximum number of activities under the given radius of his residing place that he can do in a day.

In the end, he asked me if I had any questions for him to which I asked what sort of opportunities are available to me at Expedia Groups for me as a fresher?

He said that it actually doesn’t matter whether I am a fresher or someone with experience. There are no limits to progress and I will get a very good experience there.

The next day I received an email stating that I did well, and they were proceeding with me for the final interview.

Round 4 (Behavioral Interview):

  1. Platform: Hirevue
  2. Duration: 45 Minutes

The interviewer was very polite and calm. She initiated the discussion by introducing herself first and then asked me to introduce myself. The discussion started with an Android Project that I did and about my team’s participation in ICPC 2019 and Google Hashcode 2020. The questions were:-

  1. Has it ever happened that you were working with a team and there was a situation of disagreement? If yes how did you deal with it? (My answer was yes, and I narrated the scenario about Google hashcode where I was able to convince others and delivered results ultimately)
  2. The extension to the previous question. Did you also take some of their views into account or was it just me all along? (My answer was that it was a compromise on both sides)
  3. Then she asked What if I give you the same problem statement today, would you go with the same approach, or will you completely implement your own solution which you were willing to implement without incorporating their views? (My answer was no, I would go with the solution which my teammates and I figured out together as it suits the scenario better.
  4. Then she asked me, This was a situation where you were able to convince your teammates. Has it ever happened when you were unable to do so? (I narrated the incident that occurred during ICPC 2019)
  5. She asked Why android development and how long did you take for your first project to complete?
  6. Have you been in a situation where you had to learn something new very quickly?
  7. What is better? Working in a team or working alone. (I said working in a team is better than with more inputs you enhance quality.)
  8. Is being persuasive always the key or should you compromise too in certain situations? (I said one must listen to all inputs and if all are correct one must look for the one which suits the scenario the best, so yes one must make compromises sometimes.)
  9. Do you have any preference for the technology or type of project you will be working on or are you okay with the project as long as it is interesting?
  10. What was your strategy for Google Hashcode 2020?
  11. How did you form the team?
  12. Do you have any questions for me?

After, exactly a week I received a phone call informing me that I had been selected.

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